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Scott Bender

Scott Bender joined Axene Health Partners, LLC in 2003 as one of its first employees with more than 15 years of actuarial experience. Prior to joining AHP, he was a consultant with Ernst & Young’s Health Actuarial practice. Prior to this, he worked with PacifiCare’s Life and Health Insurance Company and Wellpoint. Scott is based in Orange County, California.

He has worked with a variety of health organizations including:

  • Health plans: HMOs, PPOs, managed care plans, BlueCross Blue Shield plans, insurance companies, etc.
  • Healthcare providers: hospitals, medical groups, ancillary providers, etc.
  • Various governments and government programs: federal, state and local, international, Medicare, Medicaid, CHAMPUS, social systems
  • Employer health benefit plan sponsors
  • Healthcare technology companies
  • Medical device and technology suppliers, etc.

Some examples of projects Scott has worked on include:

  • Valuation of Incurred But Not Reported (IBNR) claim liabilities for insurance companies, HMO’s and large employers and development, implementation and maintenance of valuation software
  • Financial forecasting and modeling across various business and funding types
  • Pricing and product development for medical and dental insurance products including PPO/Indemnity, HMO, Point-of-Service and Medicare Supplement products for Individual, Legislated Small Group, Large Group, Senior and Federal (FEP and FEHBP) markets
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of appropriate pricing structures, performing manual rate studies and development and maintenance of pricing software across many lines of business
  • Underwriting training and support for large/complex accounts and proposals

Scott holds a Bachelor of Science in mathematics (with honors) from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon.

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