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COVID-19 Planning Resource Model2020-05-27T08:29:12-07:00


The AHP CPR Model uses actuarial principles to project COVID-19 cases and related resources required to treat patients with the coronavirus. The model was created to help those in the real-world position of projecting demand for hospital resources.

“The most valuable component of the AHP model may be its ability to account for various interventions in sequential order with each intervention accounting for the effects of previous interventions”

Projecting Resource Demand

The AHP CPR Model is available for license to health care professionals immediately. COVID-19 presents numerous challenges in determining the demand for healthcare resources. The modeling focuses on showing the result of user-set assumptions and projects likely outcomes and determines the demand for healthcare resources by day during the projection period. This model is not designed to replace the many existing models currently used by healthcare policy planners, but rather provide an easy to use tool to validate the results from these other models and compare to the user’s observations.

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