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Financial Advisory/Due Diligence2021-02-23T13:29:37-08:00

Financial Advisory and Due Diligence Support Services

Axene Health Partners offers actuarial support services for investment banks, private equity and financial advisory firms to enhance critical areas of due diligence. Our experience working with Insurers, Providers and Networks gives us insight into benchmarks and best practices that can validate or discover value with an organization.


  • Actuarial Appraisal

  • Rate & Reserve Adequacy Testing

  • Reinsurance Review

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Enterprise Risk Management Assessment

  • Operations Review


  • Contract Review

    • Actuarial review of capitation rates, bundle payment and fee schedules
  • Performance Measurement

    • Assess provider performance on a risk-normalized basis to remove skew caused by unhealthy  or healthy patients
  • Compile claims data into reportable formats

  • Risk-Sharing Programs

    • Validate that financial risk or reward is fair and unbiased
  • Utilization & Cost Comparison to Industry Benchmarks

    • Identify areas of opportunity


  • Pricing Assessment

    • Actuarial review of pricing, including reference-based pricing
  • Network Efficiency

    • Review of referral lpatterns
  • Validation of Network Optimization & Care Alignment

    • Identify areas of opportunity
  • Claims Review & Financial Statement Reconciliation

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