In order to eliminate any confusion which may exist, this is a correction by Axene Health Partners, LLC to a press release and announcement that was previously made in the fall of 2017. At such time, it was anticipated that Axene Health Partners, LLC (“AHP”) would merge with Dynamic Vision, Inc. (“DV”), and a press release and announcement to that effect was made, including posting same on AHP’s website.

However, for a variety of reasons, that anticipated merger never took place, and the two companies have remained as separate and independent companies ever since. Instead, AHP and DV have collaborated as separate and distinct companies with regards to the respective services which they offer their clients. Michael Gill did become a Partner and Chief Technology Officer of AHP, and some of the employees of DV were hired by AHP. Michael Gill also continues to independently own and operate DV.

For more information, please contact David Axene, AHP’s President and Managing Partner at (951) 294-0841 or

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