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2019 Medicare Advantage Advance Notice Part 1

How will the Proposed CMS Changes Impact Your Plan’s Financial Performance? Traditionally, Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans scramble resources in early February to understand CMS’ Advance Notice of Methodological Changes for the upcoming plan year and translate the changes into financial and operational impacts. CMS changed things up a bit this year by releasing Part I of the 2019 MA Advance Notice in late December. The focus of Part I is a proposed change to the [...]

Greg Fann Quoted in Bloomberg Law article on 2019 ACA Premium Increases

AHP Senior Consulting Actuary Greg Fann, FSA, MAAA was quoted in a recent Bloomberg Law article on the possibility of premiums rising in 2019 for ACA enrollees even with cost-sharing subsidies funded. Read the full article below to see how this may affect ACA enrollees. View Article

Preview of 2019 Medicare Advantage Benchmark Rates

Good news for Medicare Advantage plans! The early preview of 2019 growth rates released by CMS on November 27th includes growth rates that are double those of the last three early previews. Table 1 of “Early Preview – CY2019 Medicare Advantage Ratebook Growth Rates” shows estimated growth rates of: 5.14% for Total USPCC and 4.29% for FFS USPCC. As a reminder, the published Preview Growth Rates have been materially different than the Growth Rates included [...]

Greg Fann to Present Market Implications of Latest ACA Changes on SOA Webcast

AHP Senior Consulting Actuary Greg Fann, FSA, FCA, MAAA will present the latest developments and market implications of changes in Affordable Care Act markets on a Society of Actuaries (SOA) Webcast on November 30th. This webcast is a follow up of a well-attended session at the 2017 SOA Health Meeting that took place in June featuring three expert speakers, including an actuary, a physician and a health economist. Register by November 28th by clicking [...]