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Greg Fann Quoted in Bloomberg Law Article on Affordable Care Act 2019 Refunds

AHP Consulting Actuary Greg Fann, FSA, FCA, MAAA was quoted in a recent Bloomberg Law article focused on the 2019 refunds from the medical loss ratio requirement under the Affordable Care Act. “The CSR defunding made the market more attractive” to consumers who qualified for subsidies, Greg Fann, a consulting actuary with Axene Health Partners LLC of Temecula, Calif., said in an interview. Insurers overreacted to the loss of the payments by raising rates [...]

Inspire Articles Strike a Chord with ACA Focused Blogger

The primarily ACA focused blog Xpostfactoid has quoted the "Fields of Gold" Inspire article by Greg Fann and Daniel Cruz in a recent series of blog posts. The concept of Silver Loading is gaining attention and the discussion around this topic is only continuing to intensify. Join the discussion and read the posts at the link below. Read the Articles

Josh Axene is a Panelist at the 2019 Arizona State of Reform Health Policy Conference

On May 23rd, 2019 Josh Axene, FSA, FCA, MAAA will serve as a panelist at the 2019 Arizona State of Reform Health Policy Conference. The panel is titled: An Honest Conversation about Cost Drivers. You can find more information at the link below. Learn More

Greg Fann Interviewed on SOA Health Section Podcast: The Real Story on ACA Market Status

Dave Dillon, FSA, MAAA, interviews Greg Fann, FSA, FCA, MAAA, about his collection of recent ACA articles in The Actuary and Health Watch. Dismissive of the conventional wisdom alleging recent market damage, Greg provides convincing metrics and good-naturedly explains why ACA markets are in better shape now than they have ever been. Listen to Podcast

Correction Regarding Axene Health Partners, LLC Merger With Dynamic Vision, Inc

In order to eliminate any confusion which may exist, this is a correction by Axene Health Partners, LLC to a press release and announcement that was previously made in the fall of 2017. At such time, it was anticipated that Axene Health Partners, LLC (“AHP”) would merge with Dynamic Vision, Inc. (“DV”), and a press release and announcement to that effect was made, including posting same on AHP’s website. However, for a variety of [...]