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Read the latest on AHP in the media Article References Consulting Actuary Greg Fann

A recent article about the Trump Administration's plans to replace the ACA on makes reference to a couple articles from AHP Consulting Actuary Greg Fann. "Trump has indeed utilized executive orders to alter, and, some would say, improve ACA market dynamics. The Trump Administration’s policies have led to enhanced premium subsidies for lower-income Americans, and lower premium rate increases. Although the latter may be due in part to Trump’s controversial decision in October [...]

Joan Barrett and Greg Fann Recently Contributed Featured Articles to The Actuary Magazine

Axene Health Partners consulting actuaries Joan Barrett and Greg Fann were featured contributors in the recent health crisis themed issue of The Actuary. Joan discussed U.S. health care costs and Greg warned of impatience and poor understanding driving poor policy decisions. You can read their articles at the links below. Read Joan's Article Read Greg's Article

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