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Axene Health Partners and Kaufman Strategic Advisors Release Payor Intelligence and Insights Cloud Application

Introducing Payor Intelligence and Insights (Pi2) – A strategic data tool developed jointly by Axene Health Partners and Kaufman Strategic Advisors to help healthcare-focused organizations better understand marketwide financial data.

Payor Intelligence and Insights lets users leverage the vast amount of available financial information from any payor in any state for any line of business by accessing data from over 2,000 health plans nationwide. With just a few clicks of a button, providers, brokers, policy advocates and health plans can gain valuable intelligence and meaningful insights on payors, both small and large, in their respective markets. This tool bridges a crucial information gap and helps level the playing field for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

Licensing of Payor Intelligence and Insights is available immediately and more information can be found at www.pisquaredapp.com.  This application helps organizations access valuable data in a user-friendly format. Users can create actionable insights to achieve business goals and more efficiently direct company resources. For organizations looking for customized data reports and expert advice, Axene Health Partners offers tailored solutions to fit specific needs.

About Axene Health Partners

Axene Health Partners is a unique firm offering highly specialized healthcare consulting and software solutions for the healthcare space. The firm provides a unique blend of actuarial services, supplemented by a team of clinical consultants and IT developers to offer clients a complete solution.

About Kaufman Strategic Advisors

Kaufman Strategic Advisors provides practical solutions to healthcare industry challenges including strategic advisory services, hospital, physician, and ambulatory facility transactions, state-of-the-art contracting advice, and optimizing physician health system relationships. www.kaufmansa.com

For more information or to purchase a license for the Payor Intelligence and Insights application, contact: sales@pisquaredapp.com.


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