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About Axene Health Partners

AHP is committed to establishing and building a trust relationship with our clients

We are Your Health Partners

The core of the AHP business model is establishing and building a trust relationship with our clients and contacts. We want to earn the highly valued trust of our clients and contacts and become a trusted advisor to them. This trust-based decision model requires unquestioned integrity, both internally and externally. AHP commitment to be trustworthy is demonstrated by the quality of staff it recruits and retains and by the business practices it implements.

AHP is serious about its mission statement. AHP’s emphasis on having a positive impact on both the health care system and its clients drives its approach to doing business. All of AHP’s products and services are health care focused. All AHP professionals and related staff deeply care about the health care system and our clients who use, work with, or work in the health care system. AHP is committed to delivering high quality work products for a fair and reasonable price, yet reflecting the value of the advice we give.

Our Leadership Team

David V. Axene, FSA, CERA, FCA, MAAA
David V. Axene, FSA, CERA, FCA, MAAAPresident
David is founder and president of AHP. He is an internationally recognized health consultant in the health care system.
Elaine Corrough, FSA, FCA, MAAA
Elaine Corrough, FSA, FCA, MAAAPartner
Elaine is a partner at AHP with over 20 years of experience and focuses on actuarial analysis and cost modeling.
Tim Smith, ASA, MAAA
Tim Smith, ASA, MAAAPartner
Tim is a partner at AHP. He provides expertise in working with health plans, health systems and various provider groups.
Joe P. Slater, FSA, MAAA
Joe P. Slater, FSA, MAAAPartner
Joe is partner at AHP. He is a strategic thinker and helps guide the firm in recognizing new challenges.

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